Nightshade is simulation and visualization software for teaching and exploring astronomy, Earth science, and related topics. Download this incredible software for free.

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Nightshade NG PR2 Released
Please download our latest Preview Release 2.
Added by Rob Spearman 8 months ago

Why Nightshade NG?
Someone recently asked why we were bothering to spend so much effort to rewrite Nightshade since it works fine for Earth based views.
Added by Rob Spearman 10 months ago

An Open Letter
We are making some significant changes to the Nightshade project, please read the full posting for details.
Added by Rob Spearman about 1 year ago

Nightshade 12 Preview Release 1 released
The first preview release of Nightshade 12 is now available.
Added by Rob Spearman about 1 year ago

Presentation on Nightshade scripting at AMPAC next week.
Friday, November 24th at the Mexican Association of Planetariums meeting (AMPAC), Ing. José Antonio Villalón C. will be making a presentation on how to use scripting in Nightshade. The AMPAC meeting is in Tapachula city, Chiapas.
Added by Rob Spearman over 1 year ago

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