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07:51 pm Nightshade Bug #2141 (Resolved): Sensitivity of camera joystick should decrease at higher FoV zooms
Could not do full unit test due to #2236.
07:49 pm Nightshade Bug #2236 (New): In FE mode when zoomed in gamepad yaw is not workable
It rolls view around a usually distant center point so there is no way to pan when zoomed.
07:28 pm Nightshade Bug #2115 (Resolved): Gamepad altitude control should be logarithmic to allow for precise altitud...
07:13 pm Nightshade Bug #2235 (New): If track a body after using gamepad roll, gamepad motion directions are wrong
Fly to Earth
Use gamepad roll and movement sticks
Track object
Use gamepad roll and movement sticks
Behavior sh...
07:11 pm Nightshade Bug #2234 (New): Units are not displayed on altitude readout and units vary depending on where yo...
07:10 pm Nightshade Bug #2184 (Resolved): 3D star bounding volumes do not match drawn radii
Ignore last comment, which is a different issue.
05:33 pm Nightshade Bug #2184 (Open): 3D star bounding volumes do not match drawn radii
If I use a default fly to Aldebaran the distance reported is 2.31876e-05. This doesn't make sense compared to, say, ...


05:15 pm Nightshade Bug #2229 (New): Milkyway model needs more tesselation
Probably 2x to 4x for FE.
05:14 pm Nightshade Bug #2228 (Closed): Volumetric key commands appear to be inserted into NG in galaxy scene
Try hitting 'v' a few times, for example. Cycles through different visualization methods for galaxy volume model.
05:12 pm Nightshade Bug #2227 (In Progress): Star labels and constellation related items should not draw in galaxy sc...

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