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07:21 am Nightshade Bug #2289: Script threads do not exit, can cause segfault at quit
Adds about 10 seconds to exit process and would seem to have other undesireable side effects, so upping priority.
01:13 am Nightshade Bug #2289 (New): Script threads do not exit, can cause segfault at quit
I ran a unit test script a few times that just played a short audio file. Each run seems to produce one error line a...


06:19 pm Nightshade Bug #2286 (New): Help -> About tab is now empty
06:18 pm Nightshade Bug #2285 (New): Milky way seam still visible (geometry or texturing issue, not texture itself)
Most visible after flying into the milkyway from the galaxy scene at 12h line on equatorial grid.


06:51 pm Nightshade Bug #2278: Planet halos periodically blink when in solar system
Do we need to open a bug with OSG team?
01:54 am Nightshade Bug #2282 (New): Constellation labels draw behind constellation lines
Should always be in front for readability.


06:01 pm Nightshade Bug #2279 (Resolved): Turning off orbit lines with time sped up slightly causes lines to flicker ...
1. Turn on orbit lines
2. Hit 'l'
3. Turn off orbit lines
Should fade out smoothly but instead get a random flic...
11:20 am Nightshade Bug #2271: Intermittent problems when flying back into the solar system from 3D stars
Is this still an issue, Arthur? It's assigned to you for some reason.


07:53 pm Nightshade Bug #2235: If track a body after using gamepad roll, gamepad motion directions are wrong
I don't quite follow. What do you mean by "look at"?
My problem was with tracking the body I was already anchored...


08:09 pm Nightshade Bug #2275 (Closed): Grids draw over constellation lines in 3D star scene
Should be in background.

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