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08:30 pm Nightshade Feature #2348: Set all cameras to cull mask 0x0 when playing fulldome video
Note that aspect ratio would need to be 1:1 to do this safely. Otherwise some sky will show through.


09:09 am Nightshade osgAudio-2.0.0.DES.tgz
Version with threading bug fixes.
08:36 am Nightshade Bug #2406 (New): Keymap LR argument should actually enable LR modifier keys automatically and not...
08:34 am Nightshade Bug #2405 (New): Viewport images are upside down in perspective mode (regression)
See splash image in perspective mode.
08:28 am Nightshade Bug #2404 (New): Scripts are not looking for assets relative to the script that is playing
Run a script outside the built in script directory from lua:...
08:07 am Nightshade Bug #1827 (Closed): Correct old asteroid ephemeris download script to use elliptical orbits
08:05 am Nightshade Feature #2403 (New): Implement select/deselect constellation behavior with cursor and scripting
As constellations are selected they add to a selection list. If any are selected, only selected ones will draw for l...


08:04 am Nightshade Bug #2401 (Rejected): Gamepad right joystick always acts as if left joystick is depressed (regres...
Otherwise controls are much more responsive after fix yesterday.


10:17 am Nightshade Feature #2398 (New): Stratoscript flyto should take a velocity argument
Allows users to script flying at a particular velocity to show just how large the universe is.
Needs to accept uni...
10:03 am Nightshade Nightshade NG Dome Preview started
Select Digitarium planetarium system users are now using and providing feedback on preview releases of Nightshade NG ...

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