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08:39 AM Nightshade StratoScript Discussion: Nightshade objects/script sharing?
That scripting document references the data files that load the objects
into Nightshade. You view those with a text...
08:38 AM Nightshade StratoScripts to Share: Sharing StratoScripts
Be sure to include a comment at the start of your script with your author information and a license for the script. ...


02:27 PM Nightshade Bug #2452: Readout of star's J2000 coordinates incorrect compared to other sources and compared t...
The formatting code appears to be working correctly. The problem appears to be in the position calculation or conver...


07:41 PM Nightshade Bug #2441 (New): Move media to use Legacy style positional movements (not just simple quaternions...
Needed for StratoScript parity.
Moving from 0 to 270 should travel 270 degrees, not 90.


12:58 PM Nightshade Bug #2439 (Resolved): It is not possible to remove scripted media without a segfault
Working on 'rob2'. I do see a segfault when I quit NG after having played a video from a script, however.


03:09 PM Nightshade Bug #2439 (Resolved): It is not possible to remove scripted media without a segfault
Adding and then removing an audio, video, images, or text item through a StratoScript causes a segfault with an error...
10:15 AM Nightshade Bug #2372: set home_planet isn't working quite right
Now flies to body but doesn't match parity behavior.
10:09 AM Nightshade Bug #2285 (Resolved): Milky way seam still visible (geometry or texturing issue, not texture itself)
Fixed on 'rob2'
10:07 AM Nightshade Bug #2350 (Resolved): Gamepad: Altitude adjustment triggers "stick" in on position whether using ...
09:58 AM Nightshade Task #2392 (Resolved): Fine tune alignment of new milkyway spherical texture
Not perfect, but checked into 'rob2' branch. Separate issue is tracking alignment review.

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