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01:43 pm Nightshade Bug #2212 (New): When fly to body, body north pole is not usually "up" on screen
Repro: Fly to a body, change lat/lon, fly again, see problem.
01:36 pm Nightshade Feature #2211 (New): Scripted text should support user defined colors and fonts
Color should be specified in text setup command.
Ideally a user can specify a font TTF file to dynamically load an...
01:33 pm Nightshade Feature #2210 (New): Text labels should be defined in terms of angular size
Angular height of a line of text should be defined for a given label. This way text labels will be consistent across...


09:03 am Nightshade Bug #2107: osgEarth bodies have polar artifacts
Did any bug get filed yet on this yet?


10:08 am Nightshade Bug #2204: Transition from daylight to night with atmosphere on causes terrain to flicker in and ...
What is a repro case?


01:18 pm Nightshade Feature #2199 (New): Add roll control to gamepad
Try one of the joysticks while it is depressed as the control.
Unclear what axis should be in FE. Vector between ...
12:57 pm Nightshade Bug #2198 (New): Sun halo is wrong shape in FE mode
More apparent with an elongated window.
12:55 pm Nightshade Bug #2197 (New): Extra 3D star in solar system
Could be trying to fly to a star with no 3D instance (no distance info)?
12:53 pm Nightshade Feature #2196 (New): Lat/lon gamepad and mouse control should work in body coordinates
In other words, "up" moves in North direction. Would be preferable to continue motion past a pole rather than just s...


08:16 am Nightshade Bug #2107: osgEarth bodies have polar artifacts
Arthur, can you open a bug dialog with osgEarth team?

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