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11:55 am Nightshade Bug #2271 (Closed): Intermittent problems when flying back into the solar system from 3D stars
No longer seeing this behavior. It was probably resolve with the other milky way transition fixes.


10:15 am Nightshade Bug #2275 (Closed): Grids draw over constellation lines in 3D star scene
09:59 am Nightshade Bug #2205 (Closed): Flagging off date in the config.lua file causes Nightshade to segfault on boot


03:45 pm Nightshade Bug #2278 (Resolved): Planet halos periodically blink when in solar system
# Start NG
# Fly to earth
# Look around and wait for objects to blink
Note: Observed in fisheye mode...
03:41 pm Nightshade Bug #2264 (Closed): FoV zoom causes star labels to actually get farther away from the viewer rath...
03:38 pm Nightshade Bug #2277 (New): Backing out of 3D star field while anchored to a star can result in weird consol...
# Open find dialog
# Enter 89341
# Fly to
# While staying anchored, move camera back and forth into galaxy ...
03:32 pm Nightshade Bug #2258 (Closed): Flying to 13 Sagittarii aka Mu Sagittarii aka HP 89341 results in erratic beh...
03:24 pm Nightshade Bug #2262 (Closed): Unable to use flyto command to fly to solar system objects when in galaxy scene
03:24 pm Nightshade Bug #2276 (New): Star labels stretch and warp oddly around host star
# Turn on star labels
# Fly to Polaris
Result: Star label for Polaris starts by looking normal, but as yo...
03:20 pm Nightshade Bug #2263 (Closed): Regression: Star labels no longer billboard

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