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03:24 pm Nightshade Bug #1956 (Closed): Screen refresh shows rectangular inset that updates slightly apart or looks d...
can not duplicate.
03:21 pm Nightshade Bug #2120 (Closed): When user adjusts altitude during a fly-to movement, the remainder of the fly...
Tested within SSystem from body to body, from SSystem object to 3D stars, from milkyway to ssystem both in milkyway s...
03:17 pm Nightshade Bug #2254 (New): Azimuthal grid forgets its parent orientation when you leave the SSystem scene
Repro case:
# Turn on Azimuthal Grid
# Fly to Mimas
# Back out of SSystem and into 3D star scene
Result: Azimut...
03:15 pm Nightshade Bug #2253 (New): Azimuthal grid has parallax and moves significantly when transitioning from 3D s...
# Turn on azimuthal grid
# Back out of solar system
# Back out of 3D stars into milkyway scene
Result: ...
03:10 pm Nightshade Bug #2224 (Closed): Reenterant Lua code causing intermittent crashes
Can no longer repro
03:09 pm Nightshade Bug #2154 (Closed): Regression: Toggle clouds not working
02:57 pm Nightshade Bug #2228 (Closed): Volumetric key commands appear to be inserted into NG in galaxy scene


02:54 pm Nightshade Bug #2233 (New): The labels for the moon and the sun appear dimmer than the rest of the bodies
Noticed this when navigating NSNG in the dome. Have not established a repro case.


08:45 am Nightshade Bug #2219 (Resolved): Milky Way 2D texture blinks on when transitioning from Galaxy scene to 3D s...
# Go to Galaxy scene
# Navigate toward star scene
Result: milkway 2D texture blinks on fully, then blinks...
08:43 am Nightshade Bug #2218 (Resolved): Milkyway 2D texture should only fade in after milkyway 3D texture is almost...
When facing toward the center of the milkyway, the 2D texture awkwardly appears larger than the 3D model of the milky...

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