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Toggle_check # Tracker Parent task Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2428 FeatureNewTriageIt would be nice if the anchored body's name also showed up on the horizon like the selected body so that the operator knows what they are anchored to11/14/2014 02:36 pm
2427 FeatureNewTriageConsider a feature that dims/wipes out the stars when the camera is quickly rotating/slewing11/14/2014 02:31 pm
2426 FeatureNewTriageColored dot could show the position of the sun when outside the milkyway to help show where we all live11/14/2014 02:28 pm
2403 FeatureNewP2 - Important / FunctionalityImplement select/deselect constellation behavior with cursor and scriptingTrystan Larey-Williams11/06/2014 08:06 am
2398 FeatureNewTriageStratoscript flyto should take a velocity argumentRob Spearman11/04/2014 10:17 am
2365 FeatureNewTriageCreate new Titan body using osgEarth to include imagery for the surface and a cloud layerArthur Bogard10/22/2014 02:42 pm
2364 FeatureNewP4 - Nice to HaveCreate CNR style atmosphere for Venus and integrate surface topographical and reflectance maps Arthur Bogard10/22/2014 02:41 pm
2363 FeatureNewTriageIntegrate Io, Callisto, Ganymede texture maps into Nightshade NGArthur Bogard10/22/2014 02:39 pm
2362 FeatureNewP2 - Important / FunctionalityAdd additional moons and bodies to the solar systemArthur Bogard10/22/2014 02:36 pm
2353 FeatureNewTriageHelp Dialog window should use text wrapping to allow for easy viewing of the description of the controlTrystan Larey-Williams10/22/2014 10:00 am
2348 FeatureNewTriageSet all cameras to cull mask 0x0 when playing fulldome videoTrystan Larey-Williams10/20/2014 12:44 pm
2346 FeatureNewP2 - Important / FunctionalityImplement StratoScript recording featureTrystan Larey-Williams10/18/2014 02:32 pm
2333 FeatureNewTriageMinimum altitude around bodies should be relaxed now that we have fine grained control of movement near a surface.Trystan Larey-Williams10/17/2014 08:36 pm
2306 FeatureNewP1 - CriticalDiscuss whether we need centralized access to settings transition valuesRob Spearman10/13/2014 04:52 pm
2296 FeatureNewTriageWould be helpful to have a way to anchor without a fly-toTrystan Larey-Williams09/28/2014 10:40 am
2293 FeatureNewTriageHave a method to stop time advancement based on the Sun (or other object) reaching a specific altitude, azimuth, or other parameter09/26/2014 01:14 pm
2261 FeatureNewTriageShould be able to select Milkyway through pick or through find dialog like other objectsTrystan Larey-Williams09/03/2014 02:35 pm
2226 FeatureNewP1 - CriticalImplement body commandTrystan Larey-Williams09/22/2014 09:39 am
2211 FeatureNewTriageScripted text should support user defined colors and fontsTrystan Larey-Williams07/22/2014 01:36 pm
2187 FeatureNewTriageUser configurable gamepad buttons and joysticksTrystan Larey-Williams06/27/2014 07:56 am
2165 FeatureNewTriageMoon halos do not dim when moon is in shadow of parent planetTrystan Larey-Williams06/03/2014 08:25 pm
2089 FeatureNewTriageFind dialog search for constellationTrystan Larey-Williams05/12/2014 07:37 am
2081 FeatureNewP1 - CriticalAny labeled objects should be easier to pick with cursorTrystan Larey-Williams10/04/2014 07:55 pm
2076 FeatureNewTriageAllow for in-place FoV zoom so that zooming on an object does not necessarily bring it to the zenith (or your zoom offset)05/10/2014 08:54 am
2045 FeatureNewP2 - Important / FunctionalityImport arbitrary model (osgb/osgt)Trystan Larey-Williams05/06/2014 04:24 pm
2039 FeatureNewTriageAdd flag to turn off Sun haloTrystan Larey-Williams08/20/2014 02:55 pm
2035 FeatureNewTriageWindows installer: should register .sts extension with Wordpad to ease script modificationTrystan Larey-Williams01/21/2014 02:39 pm
2032 FeatureNewP1 - CriticalLand and takeoff scriptsRob Spearman07/30/2014 02:31 pm
2031 FeatureIn ProgressP1 - CriticalMoon needs to scale to 5x and back to 1xRob Spearman10/15/2014 07:22 pm
2003 FeatureNewTriageUser Request: Ability to rewind a script to specific sections or pauses (it would need to be able to backtrack through state changes somehow)Trystan Larey-Williams12/10/2013 10:27 am
2001 FeatureNewP4 - Nice to HaveShould provide some feedback that a screenshot was taken for good UXTrystan Larey-Williams12/08/2013 09:42 am
1979 FeatureNewTriageCelestial pole and vernal point markersTrystan Larey-Williams09/03/2013 07:50 am
1896 FeatureNewTriageGo to command should never fly through a planet, moon, star, etcTrystan Larey-Williams07/10/2013 04:01 pm
1885 FeatureNewTriageShould be able to call out Sun as a star in constellationsTrystan Larey-Williams07/07/2013 08:22 pm
1880 FeatureNewP4 - Nice to HaveAdd oblateness to solar system bodiesTrystan Larey-Williams05/06/2014 04:15 pm
1867 FeatureNewTriageShould have an application icon on different platformsTrystan Larey-Williams06/14/2013 10:06 am
1853 FeatureNewTriageOn-the-fly constellation creation modeTrystan Larey-Williams05/21/2013 08:56 am
1851 FeatureNewTriageFade the lines of the constellation near all vertex starsTrystan Larey-Williams05/29/2013 03:44 pm
1842 FeatureNewTriageGUI localization supportTrystan Larey-Williams05/01/2013 01:30 pm
1837 FeatureNewTriageConsolidated Stratoscript as a zip fileTrystan Larey-Williams04/02/2013 02:17 pm
1834 FeatureNewP4 - Nice to HaveAnimated Pictures03/23/2013 01:19 pm
1829 FeatureNewP1 - CriticalImplement asteroids and satellites as pointsTrystan Larey-Williams01/15/2014 08:04 pm
1813 FeatureNewTriageSpectral Type of Stars missingTrystan Larey-Williams01/25/2013 08:40 pm
1800 FeatureNewTriageSolar eclipses should extinguish smoothly (planets LOD out too quickly at ~12px)Trystan Larey-Williams05/01/2013 02:35 pm
1796 FeatureNewTriageNightshade Settings dialog should have values associated with each sliderTrystan Larey-Williams01/11/2013 02:52 am
1768 FeatureNewTriagePowers of 10 scale markers11/30/2012 02:13 pm
1758 FeatureNewTriageAdd support for KMLTrystan Larey-Williams11/18/2012 06:47 pm
1737 FeatureNewTriageAzimuthal mount for viewing the night sky to allow people so simulate what the image would look like through different telescopes.11/12/2012 03:24 pm
1722 FeatureNewTriageCEGUI.log should be off by default (?) and set for a standard tmp directory.Trystan Larey-Williams05/29/2013 03:51 pm
1709 FeatureNewTriageNew database fields for starsTrystan Larey-Williams10/03/2012 05:15 pm
1701 FeatureNewP2 - Important / FunctionalityMeteor showersTrystan Larey-Williams05/06/2014 04:01 pm
1699 FeatureNewTriageEarth-shine (the earth's reflection onto the moon)09/19/2012 09:33 pm
1696 FeatureNewTriageSolar EclipseTrystan Larey-Williams08/21/2014 03:30 pm
1695 FeatureNewP4 - Nice to HaveMoon-shine (moon brightens the atmosphere when visible)Trystan Larey-Williams08/20/2014 02:34 pm
1694 FeatureFeature #1303NewP1 - CriticalWrite HDR values of objects to texture for consumption by PCAS shaderTrystan Larey-Williams08/20/2014 01:57 pm
1690 FeatureNewTriageAllow for multiple settings presets (in the TUI)09/17/2012 09:57 pm
1689 FeatureNewP4 - Nice to HaveAdd duration argument to set zoom offset commandTrystan Larey-Williams05/01/2013 01:59 pm
1688 FeatureNewTriage Show rotation axis of a body with lines09/17/2012 09:57 pm
1687 FeatureNewTriageThe abililty to have the daytime sky w/o sun.09/19/2012 08:58 pm
1686 FeatureNewTriageSelectively activate/hide solar system bodies (including the sun), their orbits, trails, and labels09/17/2012 09:57 pm
1677 FeatureNewP4 - Nice to HaveTUI menu, short info, and time readout should be adjustable with a second heading settingTrystan Larey-Williams05/01/2013 02:15 pm
1661 FeatureNewTriageGUI FeaturesTrystan Larey-Williams09/05/2012 03:20 pm
1644 FeatureNewTriageVideo and image chroma key removal09/17/2012 09:57 pm
1604 FeatureNewTriagePicture-in-picture mode09/17/2012 09:57 pm
1603 FeatureNewTriageDatasets and models for windmills, powerlines, trees, city buildings, and more09/17/2012 09:57 pm
1602 FeatureNewTriageAcceleration and Velocity should be scriptable variables in free-flight mode for NS12/1309/17/2012 09:57 pm
1540 FeatureNewTriageExpand asteroid database for NS 1209/17/2012 09:57 pm
1539 FeatureNewTriageHave a generated spectrum tool that can show the spectrum (IR to UV? Beyond? Just Visible?) of a star or galaxy09/17/2012 09:57 pm
1538 FeatureNewTriageAllow for the brightening and dimming of eclipsing stars and a tool to show the light curve09/17/2012 09:57 pm
1537 FeatureNewTriageAllow for two modes in nightshade: objects are permanent and objects only appear after their discovery date09/17/2012 09:57 pm
1418 FeatureFeature #1114NewTriageMigrate to DR9 and use galaxy zoo morphology.Trystan Larey-Williams09/05/2012 03:21 pm
1369 FeatureNewP1 - CriticalSmall feature and/or viewing volume cullingTrystan Larey-Williams05/28/2014 12:10 pm
1361 FeatureFeature #1303NewP1 - CriticalModel light pollutionTrystan Larey-Williams08/20/2014 01:57 pm
1303 FeatureNewTriagePhysical light modelTrystan Larey-Williams11/21/2014 11:34 am
1232 FeatureNewTriageAbility to display the "Goldilocks Zone" or Habitable Zone around a star system based on star size/spectral type09/17/2012 09:57 pm
1231 FeatureNewTriageRealistic/moving clouds09/17/2012 09:57 pm
1229 FeatureNewTriageSimilar to moon scaling, all objects should be able to be arbitrarily scaled, either individually or collectively09/17/2012 09:57 pm
1162 FeatureNewTriageOort Cloud simulation09/20/2012 06:29 pm
1160 FeatureNewTriageGalaxy/Sun/Earth/Anywhere centered grids09/20/2012 06:29 pm
1159 FeatureNewTriageGalactic Halo indicator09/20/2012 06:25 pm
1158 FeatureNewTriageGalactic Bar indicator09/20/2012 06:29 pm
1157 FeatureNewTriageGalactic Bulge indicator09/20/2012 06:29 pm
1156 FeatureNewTriageCoordinate spheres emanating from earth09/20/2012 06:29 pm
1155 FeatureNewTriageRadio sphere surrounding the Earth09/20/2012 06:30 pm
1154 FeatureNewTriageWMAP microwave background all sky image09/20/2012 06:31 pm
1131 FeatureNewTriageWould like ability to label stars with exoplanetsTrystan Larey-Williams09/17/2012 09:57 pm
1120 FeatureFeature #1069NewTriageAdvanced joystick control (free flight)Trystan Larey-Williams09/17/2012 09:57 pm
1119 FeatureFeature #1069NewTriageBasic joystick integrationTrystan Larey-Williams09/17/2012 09:57 pm
1117 FeatureFeature #1114NewTriageGalaxy shadersTrystan Larey-Williams09/05/2012 03:21 pm
1116 FeatureFeature #1114NewTriageAdapt current SDSS importer to use galaxy morphology and color Trystan Larey-Williams09/05/2012 03:21 pm
1115 FeatureNewTriageImplement NN to extrapolate galaxy morphologyTrystan Larey-Williams09/05/2012 03:21 pm
1114 FeatureNewTriageSDSS modelTrystan Larey-Williams09/05/2012 03:21 pm
1100 FeatureNewP1 - CriticalLocalization support for base features like labels (but not GUI)Trystan Larey-Williams06/18/2014 03:46 pm
1085 FeatureNewP1 - CriticalImplement Nebulae (2D)Trystan Larey-Williams05/06/2014 03:38 pm
1082 FeatureNewP2 - Important / FunctionalityClassical landscapesTrystan Larey-Williams08/21/2013 12:14 pm
1069 FeatureNewTriageNavigation controlTrystan Larey-Williams09/17/2012 09:57 pm
1003 FeatureNewTriageCorrect for speed of light on stars/galaxies09/17/2012 09:57 pm
872 FeatureNewTriageSelectable meteor showers/modeled meteor showers (desc below)09/17/2012 09:57 pm
868 FeatureNewTriageAdd simulated atmospheric effects including Sundogs, Sun Pillars, 22 & 46 degree moon/sun halos, noctilucent clouds, aurora, gegenschein, zodiacal light, etc09/17/2012 09:57 pm
864 FeatureFeature #1114NewTriageProper blending of galaxy quadsTrystan Larey-Williams09/05/2012 03:21 pm

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