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2428 FeatureNewTriageIt would be nice if the anchored body's name also showed up on the horizon like the selected body so that the operator knows what they are anchored to11/14/2014 02:36 pm
2427 FeatureNewTriageConsider a feature that dims/wipes out the stars when the camera is quickly rotating/slewing11/14/2014 02:31 pm
2426 FeatureNewTriageColored dot could show the position of the sun when outside the milkyway to help show where we all live11/14/2014 02:28 pm
2406 BugNewTriageKeymap LR argument should actually enable LR modifier keys automatically and not just be used for help textBrian McCoy11/06/2014 08:36 am
2405 BugNewP2 - Important / FunctionalityViewport images are upside down in perspective mode (regression)Trystan Larey-Williams11/06/2014 08:34 am
2404 BugNewP2 - Important / FunctionalityScripts are not looking for assets relative to the script that is playingTrystan Larey-Williams11/06/2014 08:28 am
2403 FeatureNewP2 - Important / FunctionalityImplement select/deselect constellation behavior with cursor and scriptingTrystan Larey-Williams11/06/2014 08:06 am
2398 FeatureNewTriageStratoscript flyto should take a velocity argumentRob Spearman11/04/2014 10:17 am
2392 TaskIn ProgressP1 - CriticalFine tune alignment of new milkyway spherical textureRob Spearman11/27/2014 09:42 pm
2372 BugNewP2 - Important / Functionalityset home_planet isn't workingTrystan Larey-Williams10/25/2014 03:29 pm
2365 FeatureNewTriageCreate new Titan body using osgEarth to include imagery for the surface and a cloud layerArthur Bogard10/22/2014 02:42 pm
2364 FeatureNewP4 - Nice to HaveCreate CNR style atmosphere for Venus and integrate surface topographical and reflectance maps Arthur Bogard10/22/2014 02:41 pm
2363 FeatureNewTriageIntegrate Io, Callisto, Ganymede texture maps into Nightshade NGArthur Bogard10/22/2014 02:39 pm
2362 FeatureNewP2 - Important / FunctionalityAdd additional moons and bodies to the solar systemArthur Bogard10/22/2014 02:36 pm
2361 BugNewTriageWhen sun is positioned near the horizon, the entire landscape can disappear and disappear after the sun reaches a certain altitudeTrystan Larey-Williams10/22/2014 02:33 pm
2356 BugNewTriageWhen cursor crosses the zenith, it takes two presses in the up direction on the dpad to make the cursor begin moving toward the zenith againTrystan Larey-Williams10/22/2014 12:29 pm
2355 BugNewTriageCursor movement has no speed cap making it difficult to control from the gamepad where individuals typically do not lift their thumbTrystan Larey-Williams10/22/2014 12:24 pm
2354 TaskNewTriageUnify media interface coordinate systems under one cameraTrystan Larey-Williams10/22/2014 11:25 am
2353 FeatureNewTriageHelp Dialog window should use text wrapping to allow for easy viewing of the description of the controlTrystan Larey-Williams10/22/2014 10:00 am
2352 BugNewTriageUser cannot scroll completely to the bottom of the help dialogTrystan Larey-Williams10/22/2014 09:59 am
2351 BugNewTriageMouse cursor does not line up between the sky and the Nightshade Settings dialogTrystan Larey-Williams10/22/2014 09:52 am
2350 BugNewTriageGamepad: Altitude adjustment triggers "stick" in on position whether using wired or wireless gamepadsTrystan Larey-Williams10/21/2014 10:18 am
2348 FeatureNewTriageSet all cameras to cull mask 0x0 when playing fulldome videoTrystan Larey-Williams11/26/2014 08:30 pm
2347 BugNewP2 - Important / FunctionalityConstellation boundaries and art do not keep state if leave and reenter solar systemTrystan Larey-Williams10/19/2014 11:47 am
2346 FeatureNewP2 - Important / FunctionalityImplement StratoScript recording featureTrystan Larey-Williams10/18/2014 02:32 pm
2333 FeatureNewTriageMinimum altitude around bodies should be relaxed now that we have fine grained control of movement near a surface.Trystan Larey-Williams10/17/2014 08:36 pm
2332 BugRequest FeedbackTriageRegression: Moveto Alt no longer works properly (causes entire scene to spin)Trystan Larey-Williams10/19/2014 08:01 pm
2329 BugNewTriagePlanet labels/hints speed ahead of the planet when time is sped upTrystan Larey-Williams10/16/2014 04:42 pm
2328 BugNewTriageDistance readout of a planet when in the 3D star scene is incorrectTrystan Larey-Williams10/16/2014 04:25 pm
2316 BugNewTriageTracking component of view matrix confounded with gamepad controlTrystan Larey-Williams10/09/2014 11:13 am
2310 BugNewP3 - Aesthetic / UIMediaText does not use Z depth when renderingTrystan Larey-Williams10/04/2014 11:46 am
2307 TaskNewTriageBody/BodyMotion should be refactored for performanceRob Spearman10/03/2014 04:36 pm
2306 FeatureNewP1 - CriticalDiscuss whether we need centralized access to settings transition valuesRob Spearman10/13/2014 04:52 pm
2297 BugNewTriagePluto moon labels do not billboard correctly when viewed from JupiterTrystan Larey-Williams09/29/2014 05:56 pm
2296 FeatureNewTriageWould be helpful to have a way to anchor without a fly-toTrystan Larey-Williams09/28/2014 10:40 am
2295 BugNewTriageSun is not labeled in 3D starfield when star labels are onTrystan Larey-Williams09/28/2014 08:20 am
2293 FeatureNewTriageHave a method to stop time advancement based on the Sun (or other object) reaching a specific altitude, azimuth, or other parameter09/26/2014 01:14 pm
2286 BugNewTriageHelp -> About tab is now emptyRob Spearman09/19/2014 06:19 pm
2285 BugNewTriageMilky way seam still visible (geometry or texturing issue, not texture itself)Trystan Larey-Williams09/19/2014 06:19 pm
2282 BugNewTriageConstellation labels draw behind constellation linesTrystan Larey-Williams09/18/2014 01:54 am
2277 BugNewTriageBacking out of 3D star field while anchored to a star can result in weird console outputTrystan Larey-Williams10/17/2014 09:36 am
2276 BugNewTriageStar labels stretch and warp oddly around host starTrystan Larey-Williams09/17/2014 09:46 am
2270 BugNewTriageReceive NAN errors in the console when turning on labels for Chinese sky cultureTrystan Larey-Williams09/03/2014 02:29 pm
2268 BugNewTriageConstellation art and boundary state is not remembered when you exit the solar systemTrystan Larey-Williams09/03/2014 02:58 pm
2261 FeatureNewTriageShould be able to select Milkyway through pick or through find dialog like other objectsTrystan Larey-Williams09/03/2014 02:35 pm
2260 BugNewTriageConstellation lines blink off and back on when quickly transitioning from Milkyway scene to 3D star sceneTrystan Larey-Williams09/03/2014 02:37 pm
2254 BugNewTriageAzimuthal grid forgets its parent orientation when you leave the SSystem sceneTrystan Larey-Williams09/03/2014 02:51 pm
2253 BugNewTriageAzimuthal grid has parallax and moves significantly when transitioning from 3D stars to MilkywayTrystan Larey-Williams09/03/2014 02:52 pm
2236 BugNewTriageIn FE mode when zoomed in gamepad yaw is not workableArthur Bogard09/03/2014 02:54 pm
2234 BugNewTriageUnits are not displayed on altitude readout and units vary depending on where you areTrystan Larey-Williams08/27/2014 07:11 pm
2226 FeatureNewP1 - CriticalImplement body commandTrystan Larey-Williams09/22/2014 09:39 am
2225 TaskNewP2 - Important / FunctionalityDocument colorspace and gamma of art assetsArthur Bogard08/20/2014 03:40 pm
2223 TaskNewP1 - CriticalImplement 3D galaxy fuzzy point databaseTrystan Larey-Williams10/23/2014 09:35 am
2212 BugNewTriageWhen fly to body, body north pole is not usually "up" on screenTrystan Larey-Williams07/22/2014 01:43 pm
2211 FeatureNewTriageScripted text should support user defined colors and fontsTrystan Larey-Williams07/22/2014 01:36 pm
2208 BugNewTriageMoveto roll script parameter breaks NG inside the solar system and causes odd performance outside solar systemTrystan Larey-Williams07/15/2014 03:47 pm
2207 BugNewTriageLeft Ctrl + backtick not bringing up the scripting HUD in Windows 8Arthur Bogard07/15/2014 09:20 am
2206 BugNewTriageHelp screen shows blank under Windows 8Arthur Bogard07/15/2014 09:20 am
2204 BugNewTriageTransition from daylight to night with atmosphere on causes terrain to flicker in and out and scintillate when using topographyTrystan Larey-Williams07/16/2014 08:02 am
2192 BugNewTriageNightshade NG runs considerably faster in the Solar System on WINE (under Linux) than natively under LinuxTrystan Larey-Williams08/20/2014 03:08 pm
2191 TaskNewP2 - Important / FunctionalityRe-enable lunar orbit updates once performance issues resolvedTrystan Larey-Williams06/27/2014 07:44 am
2190 BugNewP1 - CriticalSaving user settings within Nightshade overrides a user's "windowed" settings in the config.lua fileTrystan Larey-Williams06/27/2014 07:53 am
2187 FeatureNewTriageUser configurable gamepad buttons and joysticksTrystan Larey-Williams06/27/2014 07:56 am
2186 BugNewTriagetracking object causes jerking motion when time is sped upTrystan Larey-Williams06/26/2014 04:20 pm
2185 BugNewTriageIo's orbit does not appear round near the planet the farther in the future you goTrystan Larey-Williams06/26/2014 01:37 pm
2183 BugNewTriageMoon disappears when camera is near earth, moon is near horizon, and time is sped up three times (reappears when time is slowed back down)Trystan Larey-Williams06/25/2014 09:39 am
2182 BugNewP3 - Aesthetic / UIObject selection doesn't work if center of window is off screen06/22/2014 11:57 am
2179 BugNewTriageDegree symbol has weird formatting in the Altitude/Azimuth readout areaTrystan Larey-Williams06/20/2014 05:53 pm
2178 BugNewTriageAzimuth readout is incorrect for selected objectsTrystan Larey-Williams06/20/2014 05:59 pm
2176 BugNewTriageTadashi reports that translucent planet rings only work in FE mode, not desktop.Arthur Bogard06/16/2014 09:50 am
2171 BugNewTriageReticle does not follow proper motion position of starTrystan Larey-Williams06/27/2014 08:19 am
2168 BugNewTriageAtmosphere shell culling issue? Draws blue geometry over viewport when in space above Earth in some orientations.Trystan Larey-Williams06/27/2014 08:19 am
2166 BugNewP4 - Nice to HaveTaking screen shot causes time lapse accumulation to skip frame(s)Trystan Larey-Williams06/03/2014 08:57 pm
2165 FeatureNewTriageMoon halos do not dim when moon is in shadow of parent planetTrystan Larey-Williams06/03/2014 08:25 pm
2163 BugNewTriageStar names are not being loaded by sky cultureTrystan Larey-Williams06/02/2014 03:52 pm
2156 TaskNewP1 - Criticalimplement Local Group galactic databaseTrystan Larey-Williams10/23/2014 09:35 am
2153 BugRequest FeedbackTriageMoveto command causes jump at first if have used mouse since last movetoTrystan Larey-Williams06/27/2014 08:19 am
2148 BugNewP1 - CriticalIf toggle a flag while the flag is already fading off the flag button will get into the wrong stateTrystan Larey-Williams10/18/2014 09:10 pm
2146 BugNewTriageIn fisheye mode, osgEarth does not release LODs even after camera backs away from bodyTrystan Larey-Williams05/21/2014 12:15 pm
2144 BugNewTriageMoon eclipsing shadows clip when you are close enough to the parent bodyTrystan Larey-Williams08/20/2014 02:18 pm
2143 BugNewTriageMultiple issues with solar eclipseTrystan Larey-Williams09/26/2014 03:53 pm
2142 BugNewP2 - Important / Functionality3D stars do not appear if you are not anchored to themTrystan Larey-Williams05/21/2014 12:17 pm
2138 BugNewTriageMoon eclipse transition has problems with shadow blinking on and off around moonTrystan Larey-Williams08/20/2014 02:18 pm
2137 BugNewP2 - Important / FunctionalitySelection reticle moves inward toward center of solar system as you approach edge of solar systemTrystan Larey-Williams06/27/2014 08:19 am
2134 BugNewTriageMoon shadows can scintillate under large FoV zoomsTrystan Larey-Williams08/20/2014 03:03 pm
2133 BugRequest FeedbackP2 - Important / Functionalityosgearth bodies allow background to be visible along seams until next LOD finishes paging inArthur Bogard06/27/2014 08:18 am
2132 BugNewP2 - Important / FunctionalityosgEarth object geometry needs to subsample even after last LOD to avoid large artifacts especially in fisheye modeArthur Bogard06/27/2014 08:18 am
2128 BugNewP2 - Important / FunctionalityFoV zoom is not currently animated, thus each step is very jerkyTrystan Larey-Williams06/27/2014 08:18 am
2126 BugNewP3 - Aesthetic / UIStar labels get clipped by the host stars when you get too close. Should behave just like planet labels.Trystan Larey-Williams06/27/2014 08:18 am
2124 BugNewP3 - Aesthetic / UIStar labels can stretch and deform when close to some starsTrystan Larey-Williams06/27/2014 08:18 am
2121 BugNewP2 - Important / FunctionalityFlying back into solar system with time sped up can cause a jump in the user's position upon entering SSTrystan Larey-Williams06/27/2014 08:18 am
2119 BugNewTriageCreate fallback proxy atmosphere for Earth / Mars when at large distancesTrystan Larey-Williams05/20/2014 07:31 am
2112 BugNewTriageWhen using Nightshade in perspective mode with a gamepad, the cursor cannot extend past the inscribed circle of the fisheye viewportTrystan Larey-Williams05/20/2014 07:25 am
2110 BugNewTriageEarth atmosphere no longer blends with star fieldTrystan Larey-Williams08/20/2014 02:53 pm
2109 BugRequest FeedbackTriageUnplugging one controller followed by plugging in another controller results in the second controller still being relegated as Controller 2Trystan Larey-Williams05/20/2014 07:40 am
2107 BugRequest FeedbackP0 - Show Stopper / Blocks QAosgEarth bodies have polar artifactsArthur Bogard10/07/2014 12:46 pm
2102 BugNewTriageMultiple issues with Rigil Kent (Alpha Centauri) systemTrystan Larey-Williams05/21/2014 11:58 am
2095 BugOpenP2 - Important / FunctionalityIrregular bodies have shadow self-clipping issue depending on observer eye position.Trystan Larey-Williams05/21/2014 12:23 pm
2092 BugNewTriageSegfault if .earth file is missingTrystan Larey-Williams05/14/2014 02:08 pm
2089 FeatureNewTriageFind dialog search for constellationTrystan Larey-Williams05/12/2014 07:37 am

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