Nightshade 12 Preview Release 1 released

The first preview release of Nightshade 12 is now available.
Added by Rob Spearman about 3 years ago

This preview release (PR1) includes:
  • A terrain engine, for realistic and detailed terrain imagery and
    topographic data for select bodies such as Earth and Mars
  • The ability to fly through the solar system and to other stars
  • Improved atmosphere rendering
  • The ability to view 3d models of irregular bodies such as Phobos

Since planetary imagery and data sets can be enormous, we have greatly
reduced the resolution of data in our public releases to make Nightshade
easily distributable. A supplemental data set for Earth is currently
available for a small donation to the project.

The purpose of this preview release is to give anyone the chance to try
out the new features and provide feedback. Peer review is extremely
import to us. We also hope this may inspire you to get involved with the
project in some way.

Please download Nightshade 12, try it out, and let us know what you think.
As this is a preview release, you will almost certainly find some bugs.
We would appreciate your reporting any bugs or feature requests that we
are not already aware of via the Nightshade website.